About Kallar:

Kallar is a place located in the foothills of the Nilgiri mountain. The name Kallar originally evolved from the name of the River Kallar. Kallar Horticulture Farm is the most playing role in Kallar. This place is a perennial source of gravitational water from Kallar stream flowing from Coonoor along the hill slopes. Kallar literally means Kal – “Stones” and Aaru – “River”.

It is an astonishing natural beauty with Kallar waterfalls implementing, it attracts thousands of tourists from in and around Coimbatore. This place receives an average rainfall of 1200 mm. Spread over 70-80 rainy days. The main attractions are The Black thunder theme park, Kallar river and the Kallar horticulture farm.

About Kallar Horticulture Farm:

The State Horticultural farm (Kallar) was established in 1900 with a total area of about 22 acres. Kallar Horticulture Farm is part of the State Horticultural Farm under the Department Of Horticulture. It lies about one km from the first hairpin bend where the Mettupalayam-Udhagamandalam road enters the ghat section. The farm is also known as a “Museum of Crops” as it nurtures a myriad variety of horticulture crops.

Being the horticulture farm it has major plantation crops like Jack graft, Lime layers, Pepper, Clove seedlings, Nutmeg Crops, silver Oak, Mangosteen, Arecanut seed, Coffee, lichi and some minor fruits and ornamental plants. The farm produces high quality of tree species, fruit trees other economic crops and also serve as an educational centre for many students.

Some of the unique crops of the farm includes Mangosteen (known as the queen of fruits), Durian (believed to have aphrodisiac property) to help overcome problems of infertility, Litchi, Rambutan (hairy and non-hairy variety), Velvette and Malay Apple, Surinam Cherry, Longsat, Eggfruit and avocado (butter fruit).

Due to Massive Landslide, the farm affected in the year 2006. They also sell saplings of 32 items including ornamental plants, areca nut, lime, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove.

The Horticulture Farm also has a sales counter for seasonal fruits, vegetables, pickles, jams, masalas, etc.

1. Durian and its Myth:

Kallar Horticulture Farm is very famous for its Durian fruit. During the harvest season the phones in the farm ring non-stop seeking for the Durian fruit. In the past decade, the farm has been producing the highest number of durians. In 2015 alone an 80-year-old durian tree produced 180 fruits within 45 days time span.

Durian being the native to Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia were found in Burliyar in the early 1900s. From there, seeds were collected and planted in the Kallar Farm.  However, the belief has created unexpected demand among the people of the state and other neighbouring states.

What are the special in Durian Fruit?

This fruit is believed to cure infertility among women . though the claim has not been scientifically proven.

2: Wildlife At Kallar:

wild life in kallar

This is one of the very important wildlife pathways in the Western Ghats Part of Tamilnadu. Elephants use this pathway to travel from the Western Ghats to the Eastern Ghats and vice versa.

Here, you could easily site elephants crossing the road or wandering on the farm. During the Jackfruit season, it is a feast for the elephants as they tend to stay in the area for a very long time as their need for food and water is fulfilled. These elephants are mostly migrant from Kerala and travelling towards Karnataka on a certain time of the year.

Elephants are not only the problem in the farm but the monkeys. The monkey menace keeps increasing in the farm. You could see monkey families sitting in the huge trees everywhere on the farm. After all, it is closely situated to the forest. Apart from Elephants and monkeys, this place also has the record of Indian Gaur, Sambhar deer, Spotted deer, Leopard, etc.,

3. Butterfly Watching:

Butterflies in kallar

In the last half-decade, there has been increased in the number of butterflies seen in the Kallar area. Out of 300 plus butterflies which are identified in the state of Tamilnadu, Kallar alone it is stated to have around 100 plus species. During monsoon, it is always a colourful treat in the banks of the river Kallar as the migratory butterflies tend to mud puddle in the river banks. Butterflies such as common emigrants, albatross, spot swordtail, crow, tigers, Mormon, orange tips, many-tailed oak blue, Helen, lime, gull are usually seen mud-puddling near the stream at Kallar.

Tamil Nadu Butterfly Society has identified 321 butterflies in the state of Tamilnadu so far and recently they have spotted rare Orchid Tit ( Chliaria othonna ) in this place. There are also plans for the forest department to improve the facility into a Butterfly Park.

Photo Gallery of Kallar Horticulture Farm:

Go Like A Pro:

  • Budget💰: Take 1000 – ₹2000 for the best experience. Also, keep in mind if you’ve planned to buy crops hold that as well.
  • What’s So Special?: Birds, Crops, Animals.
  • Photoshoot📸:
    Spots- Everywhere is a spot.
    Apt for- Children, Friends, Family, Couples, Nature Lovers.
    Natural photography lovers are likely to love this.
  • Duration: In Short, 2 hours is fine. 
  • Stay/Hotels🏨: If you go with Family members, staying 1 day is recommended at Coimbatore.

How to Reach?

Bus🚌: Start -> Coimbatore -> Mettupalayam -> Farm.
By Air🛩: Your Location -> Coimbatore(CJB) -> Mettupalayam by Bus -> Farm by bus.
Train🚅: You -> Coimbatore Railway Station (CBE) -> Mettupalayam by Bus -> Farm by Bus.

Tip: From Mettupalayam, it will take 1 hour of Journey.

Approximate View Time:

Approx View Time as a tourist: 2 Hours. Wanna buy Crops? Take your own time.

Again, if you’re a nature and birds lover, you’ll really love the place and of course, you’ll spend more time than we quoted.

Spend at least 1 hour with birds, Nature for the best feel of the visit.

Charges / Prices:

Charges at Kallar Horticulture Farm

As a matter of fact, if you planned to enjoy yourself with nature and birds, these prices are very cheap.

Things to do:

  • Understand the variety of trees and fruits it produces.
  • Enjoy the Kallar water and its purity, taste.
  • To put it differently, organise nature camps on the farm for the children.
  • In addition, taste the value added jams, juice essence and pickles which are made in the farm.

Of course, biodiversity is often used as a measure of the health of biological system we could always see butterfly enthusiast, bird watchers, children groups and other groups enjoying the nature at the Kallar horticulture farm, it’s all for just Rs 10 per child and Rs 15 per adult but we need to explore it.

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  5. Bhavanisagar Dam.

Copyrights and Credits:

Touring Turtlez is holding the copyrights of the images and helped to write this awesome post. Vishal who is the one shared his visit to this farm.



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